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All About Vehicle Storage in Northern Virginia

Throughout the years, I have been asked many times about what is the best way to store an automobile in Northern Virginia that will not be used for a long period of time. This question is not answered simply. It is complex response that depends on the age of the automobile, condition, and the length of the storage.

Short Term

I like to consider 90 days or less short term. Conversely, over 90 days is long-term. Within a 90 day period, any car should be able to start and run fine with minimal maintenance. 

The key is Your vehicle being stored in a Professional car storage facility. A car cover should always be used regardless of the storage time. Dust will accumulate in almost any automobile storage environment. 

Classic cars, vintage cars, muscle cars, and sports cars that have chrome or custom paint need to be kept as clean as possible to ensure longevity.

Long Term

Long-term storage is much more complex. Regardless of short or long term, the best environment is a climate-controlled area. The battery, paint, tires, dash pad, and fuel all can be affected by extremes in temperature. “Store it with Joe” offers insulated and heated storage in all locations for long-term or very limited use requirements. To assure moisture (another killer for storage) is kept low; all concrete floors have a barrier between them and the ground. During the summer months, a timed controlled fan) is used to keep the air moving so that the air does not become “stagnant”.

Moisture in the air is a major problem with long-term storage. It can cause mold to form on the interior, and be very detrimental to electrical systems. When viewing storage for any car, one should check out the walls for mold spores or a “musty smell”. All “Store it with Joe” locations use drywall and not cinder block for walls in long-term storage areas.

With the proper storage environment, one must then consider the automobile is stored itself. Batteries, fuel, and tires are major areas that need to be looked at. All long-term group stored vehicles in “Store it with Joe” facilities have regular trickle charging rotations to maintain the battery charge. Individual spaces at the Berryville VA location in Clarke County have a plug for trickle chargers (provided). All batteries do have a finite life regardless of their use and maintenance. It is for this reason that even when hooked to a trickle charge, a battery can go dead permanently.

If you want to use your cars, separate, closed individual spaces are available. Heated, large open areas are available to those who won’t be using a car for a while Every rental space is well-maintained and professionally sprayed for bugs and mice. No security deposit is required. One year minimum is our standard. Spaces are for storage only. No work may be performed on the premises.

Service Rates

Long-Term Car Storage Service Rates

Please email or call for a rate quote. Rates depend on the location and size of the vehicle ($125-$145/mo).

 For those looking for storage on a budget, we now offer outdoor storage. This includes a supplied car cover, periodic starting, and battery upkeep. All this for only $85/mo (VA only).

Flatbed Pick Up Service Rates

This convenient service is only available in Northern VA. Our carrier is top-notch and is licensed, insured and bonded. All pick up is done with a professional flatbed car transporter, not with unsteady trailers. The rate is a $85 pick up fee, and an additional $3.85 a mile.