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Ideal for Military on Deployment and Government Employees

For those going abroad for any length of time, finding secure storage for special cars can be a daunting task. A convenient location, outstanding service, excellent reviews and a reasonable price are all key. But equally important is who is behind the operation. How reliable is the management? Who will have access to your vehicle? Will you know who is getting in and out of your car to start it? Will you receive a timely (or any) response if you send an email while you’re away? What condition will your car really be in when you return?

These are all important questions that I urge all customers to ask. At, I take pride in every vehicle that is stored in one of my buildings. I treat each one as if I own it. I put myself in my customer’s shoes at all times. And from day one, you’ll get personal attention from me, and me alone. I attend to every email and see to it that every stored car gets the loving care it deserves.

Discounts Avaible for active duty, Veterans and Government Emoployees

About us


Purpose-built facilities make a big difference in my business. All of my buildings were made to store cars. They are not converted or rehabbed structures. A moisture barrier was placed under reinforced concrete to prevent any moisture from coming up through the ground. Proper ventilation is provided and real drywall covers the walls. Pest control is always maintained. Exterior perimeters are sprayed regularly for weeds, and the grass is cut weekly. All of my storage buildings are heated, and two are even air-conditioned – none of my closest competitors offer either. Doors are rarely opened on damp or rainy days, to prevent moisture from getting in. And, importantly, wired Fire and Police Department alarms offer protection and peace of mind.


I understand that getting a car to a facility can be a challenge. My storage locations in Virginia are both within 65 miles of Washington, D.C. The routes to those locations are smooth and easy, and you can drive nearly the entire way without having to stop for a traffic light. Wherever you are in D.C. or in northern Virginia (Sterling, Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Annandale, Leesburg, Ashburn, Herndon, Tysons Corner, etc.), I am close by. If you cannot drive out to one of the facilities, I can have a flatbed pick your car up from your home or my Vienna, VA office. The transportation rates are some of the most reasonable in the area.

Vehicle Care

One of my rules is that no car gets put away dirty. Once your personal, collector, specialty, or classic car is at my facility, I will wash it or you can. If tires need air, don’t worry – there are professional air compressors in every building. Battery tenders are available to use at no charge. I even offer car covers for just $35, if your hectic schedule has kept you from getting one.

20 Years Experience

For more than 20 years, I have strived to offer the best storage option for your personal, collector, specialty, or classic car. Simply stated, you will look long and hard to find a facility that’s reasonable, private, clean, and modern – and one that is operated by a true automobile enthusiast who loves working with customers.

I welcome the opportunity to meet your storage needs with top-notch facilities and exceptional personal service. Please call or email about your car storage circumstance and I can assure you that you’ll be glad you did. Don’t forget to ask about special military discounts, too. It’s particularly gratifying for me to be of assistance to those who are serving our great country. I’d also like to mention that there will be no price increases for the deployed/stationed or working overseas for the duration of your vehicle’s storage time.