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“Mr. Joe stored my truck for 12 months while I was in Afghanistan. His service, fair pricing and communication took the stress out of storing my truck. I’m pretty sure the car was cleaner than when I dropped it off and it seemed to run smoother. So much better than storing it in an unattended garage. He made sure it was ready to drive as soon as I got home. Whole heartedly recommend without reservations. Great service, great man.” – Jacob L., San Francisco CA 7/25/2021


“Unbeatable value and top-notch service! I stored my M3 in Joe’s climate-controlled building for 2.5 years, and it started up and drove away with no problems at all, looking exactly like it did when I dropped it off. Joe was responsive and a pleasure to work with throughout the storage period, started the vehicle at the agreed upon interval, and kept me updated that it was in good working order. Couldn’t have asked for a better place to store my car!” – Chris S., San Francisco CA 4/10/2021

“My wife and I received work orders for a three-year tour in Australia. We needed a suitable place to store our vehicle for those many years and Store it with Joe was absolutely the best we could have asked for. Joe was great! He patiently explained the various services and the process of storing the vehicle. Joe stored the vehicle inside on a lift the majority of the time the car was there. Moreover, when my wife and I travelled back to the States for a vacation, Joe willingly had our car towed to our local mechanic in VA for us to pick up and use during our time in the area. He did so again when we recently completed our tour and returned to the area. Each time, Joe ensured the car was covered and secured when dropped off at the mechanic’s shop. He also forwarded photos of the vehicle for our peace of mind. We were thoroughly impressed and grateful for the great care Joe provided for our car. Thanks Joe!” – Leonard R., Herndon VA 3/19/2021

“Joe was fantastic! He helped us get the car in and out and get it road-ready with starter fluid, steering fluid, and air in the tires. He was so easy to work with and communicated with us throughout our storage. He truly has a passion for cars and keeping them safe and secure until they can get back on the road! Thanks Joe!” – Melissa G., Washington DC, 1/22/2021

“Joe runs an outstanding business and ensures your prized vehicle is taken care of the way you would take care of it; if not better. He is a man you can trust. Storage rates are fair, and his facility is geared for long term vehicle storage. Joe stored two of my prized Corvettes for me while I was overseas for almost 3 years. Joe Stayed in touch during that time via email just to let me know how things were with the cars. Halfway through my tour, I returned to D.C. and had coordinated with him to take one of the cars out for a couple weeks while I was home. Pickup and dropoff were flawless with just some coordination by email. I couldn’t have been more happy with the condition of the cars when I finally returned home. I would recommend Store it with Joe to anyone who is looking to store a vintage car, or just their beloved daily driver.” – David J., Williamsburg VA, 12/9/2020

“I want to thank you for working with me 5 years ago to make room for both of my cars just based on a conversation and simple agreement. Your service was beyond what I expected. It’s been a pleasure being your customer. I will look forward to using your services again if travel overseas. I will recommend your services to any and all that inquire. I would rate your services 10 out of 10.” – Lewis P., Woodbridge VA, 9/3/2020

“Joe took great care of my Subaru Impreza. It was stored outside with a cover and when I got back from a year overseas, it was like I just dropped it off. Clean, started right up and ran great – no issues. Also Joe was very understanding and flexible for pick up and drop off when my schedule changed and was always very prompt in getting back to me via email. He treated my car like his own and I could not ask for any better service or price. I would definitely store with Joe again.” – John M., Alexandria VA, 9/1/2020

“Absolutely outstanding service! I am a military servicemember who was assigned overseas for almost 19 months. Joe took care of my GT-R very well and we maintained contact throughout my time overseas. I picked her up yesterday, and I couldn’t be happier with the condition of my car and the service that Joe provided. I know who I’m going with if I need long term storage in the future.” – Jay D., Louisville KY, 7/26/2020

“I stored my 2017 Mustang with Joe from 2018 through 2020 while deployed overseas. He is a professional, sincerely cares about his trade, and is very easy to work with–even from a few thousand miles away via email. In one instance one of my payments was a little late due to the APO pandemic slow-down and Joe had zero issues, simply told me that “the money will get to him when it did and to keep doing the good work.” I highly recommend Joe and the service he provides.” – Mike F., Arlington VA, 7/3/2020

“Joe’s storage has my highest recommendation for your car storage needs. During my last Marine Corps tour overseas I trusted Joe with my vehicle. The truth is, my use of Joe’s services came subsequent to my receiving last minute orders overseas. Joe, being the consummate professional, understood my circumstances and took care of my vehicle, without the hassle and ‘extra charges’ other storage facilities were trying to charge. The last thing me and my family needed to worry about was my vehicle. My vehicle was not only stored in an indoor garage, but Joe consistently checked my battery and placed a cover over my vehicle. After a 2 year tour overseas, I returned to find my vehicle in the same wonderful condition I left it in. Thank you Joe and Semper Fidelis!” – Ralph R., Charlotte NC, 1/23/2020

“I had a great experience using StoreItWithJoe for my Mazda 6. I was already abroad when I needed to coordinate car storage and Joe was extremely accommodating with my tricky situation. He was professional, fair, and took excellent care of my car while I was away. Joe even helped replace my key fob battery once he realized it died. I would certainly use this service again should I ever require it.” – Danny P., Rockville MD, 10/11/2019

“Stored my F-150 with Joe for 2 years while overseas. Extremely flexible, responsive, and professional. I had a few maintenance items that Joe took care of for me, with the end result of jumping into my truck after 2 years… and it ran like I never left it. Very thankful that I came accross Joe, he saved my truck for me! 5 out of 5 stars, would recommend to anyone!” – Ryan M., Woodbridge VA, 7/6/19

“StoreItWithJoe was a godsend when we needed a safe, secure, reasonable place to store my mother’s 1961 Dodge Dart. Joe’s facility was clean, very accessible, and one of the only places in Northern Virginia that could accommodate storage of a “land yacht” American antique car 20 feet long. Mom’s treasure was professionally stored inside/covered with Joe for 2-1/2 years. Highly recommend!” – Carol C., Winchester VA, 5/15/2019

“I truly appreciate the customer service provided by Joe in storing my car during a military deployment. From the first time I contacted Joe up until I picked up my car, Joe went the extra step to provide great communication and honest service. The storage lot is a beautiful property and my car was well taken care of while I was away. It is a great feeling when you put the key in the car after a prolonged storage period and it starts right up without any problems. I would definitely recommend Store It with Joe to anyone looking to store a vehicle in the D.C. area. Thank you Joe for the great experience!” – Daniel M., Falls Church VA, 7/21/2018

“Upon moving to the DC/NoVa area I was concerned about where to store an extra vehicle. Luckily, I found “Store It With Joe” online. Five years later, all I can say is Thank You Joe! You treated my car like it was your own. Whether I was working in DC, California, or abroad I knew the car was in great hands. Previously (at a different storage facility in a different state) I felt the need to “check-in” on the car at least once a month. With Joe, I had no such concern. He has a genuine love for cars and he gladly put up with mine (even with its finicky reverse gear and oil drip). Knowing the car was safe I was able to leave it with confidence! At all times over the past five years Joe has always been communicative, flexible, and easy to work with. I couldn’t ask for more!” – Ted P., Los Angeles CA, 5/30/2018

“I ‘stored it with Joe’ all last year and was very happy! We moved into an apartment in Northern VA last January and I needed someplace to store my ‘baby’ (2009 BMW M3) so that it would be garaged. Joe did an EXCELLENT job caring for my vehicle – starting it monthly, kept it covered and on a battery charger. When I picked up my car 8 months later it was right as rain. Joe is a super nice guy, easy to work with, and delivers on the services he says he will provide. I highly recommend this guy!” – Lori F., Falls Church VA, 1/28/2018

“Joe, thank you of taking such great care of my 1966 Ford Mustang for the last 2 years. Being in the service I had a lot to take care of before my deployment to the Middle East and I knew, from the moment we talked on the phone, that you would take great care of my car while I was gone. I also truly appreciated the short notes you sent me to let me know that it was running fine and that there we no problems. When I returned, and met you at the warehouse, it was obvious that you took care of my Mustang like it was your own. As I mentioned in my last note, the car was in the exact same condition I left it 2 years earlier. It started on the very first crank, and drove perfectly on the 1 and 1/2 hour drive home. I could not have asked for better service – Thank you!! Thanks also for letting my 2 boys see some of your own classic cars, they enjoyed it a lot. Again, if I ever need a place to store my car again – I hope you will have an open spot for my Mustang!” – Kevin D., Gaithersburg MD, 10/5/2017

“Joe took great care of our 2013 Challenger SRT8 for three years. The car stayed with his personal collection and came out looking and driving just like it went into his facility! I recommend StoreitwithJoe for any car storage you may need–especially if you have a special car.” – Nate S., Fort Bragg NC, 8/3/2017

“My Fiat is my baby! It is the only car I’ve ever had that I named. Well, my husband named it. His name is Barnum after the clown cars of the Barnum and Bailey Circus. My husband is 6’4″ so I think that’s how it seems to him. When we were assigned to Bangladesh with the State Department for two years, we decided it wasn’t really a good car to have there and rather than sell it, my husband decided to put it in storage. No average storage facility is good enough for my little car, so rather than store it in a State Department paid facility, we chose to take it to the Daisy Hill Fiat Farm (aka, Store it with Joe:-) I was very nervous about storing my beloved car. It’s a convertible, so I was worried about the canvas as well as other things. When we arrived at Joe’s, he showed us his storage area. All of the cars were in great condition. He even offered to let us keep the car covered (he sold us a good quality car cover at a very reasonable price). His building is climate controlled, so not too hot in the summer and not to cold in the winter, but just right all the time. They started the car and moved it a little so the tires don’t flatten out on the bottom every month. Joe even offered to take pictures of Barnum for me:-) We recently finished our two year posting and let Joe know we would be picking the car up. When we arrived, the car was clean and ready to go! The only thing we had to do was get an oil change and fill it up! We have currently gone 2,000 miles of a 3,000 mile cross country trip and the car is running beautifully! We have had a number of state department friends tell us that their cars were undriveable after two years in storage. Not so with ours! I highly recommend Store it with Joe! Joe has been communicative, friendly and helpful the entire time our car has been in storage.” – Leni S., Los Angeles CA, 3/20/2017

“As an IT consultant who traveled frequently and spent long hours at work, I chose to rent an apartment instead of purchasing a home. This created a dilemma for me of not having anywhere to store my beloved sports car. After renting space from a storage facility for several months, I fortunately stumbled across Store it with Joe. From the initial contact onward, Joe was great to deal with. He was prompt to respond and always very congenial. I ended up renting one of his separate, individual spaces, since I wanted to be able to get my car out on nice days or weekends when I was able to do so, and I ended up renting from him for 2-1/2 years. Joe’s facility was secure, clean, and always very well-maintained. Not only was his storage rate very reasonable (less than 1/2 what I was paying at the chain store storage facility), but he even provided a trickle charger and did not ‘add on’ for the use of electricity! If I were still in the northern Virginia area, I’d still be renting from him.” – Vince H., Pittsburgh PA, 11/21/2016

“I stored my fully restored 1973 Toyota LandCruiser with Joe for over 4 years, and couldn’t have been happier with the experience and how he took such great care of my LandCruiser. He was always available (with a little advanced notice) to provide me access whenever I needed it, and clearly made sure to fire it up every month, as it came right to life when I picked it up this past summer. Joe’s prices are the best in the region, and the distance from DC is reasonable and well worth it. Will absolutely use Joe again the next time I head overseas.” – Jarrod T., Denver CO, 10/16/2016

“I stored two antique vehicles with Joe for two years during my overseas tour. He took great care of them, they both started up immediately without any issues. Joe’s rates beat the big chains hands down and his personal service is by far the thing that sets him apart and above his competition… he always responsded immediately to all my emails and requests… something you won’t get from the big chains. If you are military, heading out of the country for a couple months or couple years, this is the only place you need to go to store your vehicle(s)… you will be extremely pleased with your decision when you return and drive away your vehicle just as you left it.” – Kevin K., Alexandria VA, 8/2/2016

“Joe’s service was exceptional — he was easy to work with and clearly passionate about cars. We stored our car there for ten moths while we remained overseas. Joe was able to work with the delivery agent to receive the car and then to inspect it upon arrival. He gave us written feedback on its condition and took care to wash it, cover it and keep it in running condition. When we picked it up, it ran like a charm. We were very happy with the service and really enjoyed meeting Joe in person after having set up the entire transaction online and via email. Great service at a reasonable price. Highly recommended!” – Melissa N., Vienna VA, 7/14/2016

“I didn’t have a fancy car to store but I was moving out of the US and needed to store my subaru! I was really overwhelmed with packing, moving, storing my household goods, getting schools set up for my kids in Australia and shipping my dogs! Life was chaos! I found Joe online, he made everything simple and he took great care of my car! I just got back and pulled it out of storage it ran great and was even washed! I would definitely recommend him and his facility! His price was fair and he did exactly what he said he would do! He was really easy to work with too!” – Susan B., Leesburg VA

“Storing my car with Joe while I was away was an excellent experience. His business is by far the most affordable in the area. I did a lot of research, and most of the big self-storage chains charge about twice as much for indoor vehicle storage, and that’s without the battery maintenance and optional hand wash offered by Joe. I also felt especially secure knowing that he stores his own car collection in his facilities, you can be sure your car will be safe and well taken care of. Joe really went the extra mile to make sure everything worked out for me. He’s great to work with, and I can’t recommend him highly enough.” – Sachi H., Falls Church VA

“Heated winter storage is the way to go” – Tony G., Brighton MI

“Joe has been responsive and caring to our customer needs. He was able to support my family as we went through last minute adjustment for long term storage. He has a great concern for the customers with friendly and dependable service. I’m glad I found him.” – Jeff T., Sterling VA