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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is my car insured while it is in storage?

A. No. All owners must provide their own comprehensive insurance while the car is stored. In general, comprehensive insurance and classic car insurance polies are far less than liability policies. Without having a liability policy however, the car may not be driven at all.

Q. Will I have access to my car while it is in storage?

A. Of course. We believe that our customers should always be able to see their cars. We are proud of our facilities and would like our cliental to WANT to see where their car will be stored before using storage facilities. If your car is going to be used frequently, it would be a must that you rent one of our private storage garages. In the group area, access to see your classic car in Virginia is limited to the availability of Joe. There is no one that is allowed in the group area unless accompanied by Joe. Arrangements must be made several days in advance to assure your schedule is met. For classic car storage in Michigan (Hartland), group storage access is limited to the availability of one of our associates. Generally, in this facility, only long term storage is permitted in the group area with Joe's cars.

Q. What is the availability of services if my car needs a jump, air, wash (from a rainy drive in) or mechanical work.

A. There is no mechanical work permitted while a vehicle is stored. However, if Joe is on site, assistance with basic needs (air, screwdriver, etc.) is available. Cars can be washed for $25 (estimate) before they are put into storage if necessary. The Berryville location has customer wash hose available during the daylight hours.

Q. What do I do about the fuel and tires while my car is stored?

A. Please read our article on long term storage on the website for complete information on these two important topics.

Q. What is the cost of storage?

A. Please send an inquiry to us with your particular needs. Due to locations and storage seasonal demands, pricing is variable. All inquiries are responded to the same business day.

Q. Do you provide transportation back to my home when my classic long term car storage drop off is made?

A. In some instances, we can assist in a "one time" transportation need. This service is available in Northern Virginia (going to Winchester, Leesburg, Sterling, Fairfax, Vienna, Ashburn and Herndon). Transportation for long-term/classic car storage in Michigan (Brighton, Howell, South Lyon, Novi, Dearborn, Southfield, Bloomfield Hills, Fenton , Madison Heights) is not available.

Q. For classic, muscle car and antique storage, does my car have to be in running condition?

A. In a private storage area it does not. All vehicles in group storage must run. Ask for availability and access by a flatbed or tow truck when calling as each location is different.

Q. Do I have to sign a lease for long-term or classic car storage?

A. No, you do not have to sign a lease for a specific period of time unless there are extenuating circumstances. All classic, antique and long-term storage customers must sign a release form before their car will be permitted into storage.

Q. Is there ever a time of the year when classic/antique/long term storage may be difficult find?

A. Yes, winter storage for classic, antique and long term storage in MI & VA is difficult. Demand usually exceeds supply. For this reason, it is best to reserve your winter storage in the fall.