Store It With Joe
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For the ultimate car storage experience, consider these additional long-term car storage services:

Hand Wash

It's always best to store a car that is clean, but due to time or weather, arriving with a clean car isn't always possible. Let us gently hand wash and towel dry your economy to mid-size car for just $25. Others quoted on request. We require a clean car before a car cover is installed.

Exterior Detailing

Have your car professionally foam polished and waxed after a fresh wash. This service includes cleaning windows, door jams and wheels, and dressing the tires. Quoted upon request.

Gas Stabilizer

Gasoline breaks down over long periods of time, and that can be hard on electronic fuel injectors, carburetors, fuel lines, and more. We'll add the right amount of stabilizer for you, for $5.

Car Covers

For added protection, we offer Economy and Full-Size car covers. A basic "budget cover" is available for $38 (plus tax).

Engine Startup

No charge for periodic starting.

Tire Position Movement

In addition to starting your car, we'll move the tire position on request.